Yoga Basics

A Simple Practice to Stay Balanced During the Holiday Season

If you’ve been feeling anxious or imbalanced as holiday season gears up, you are not alone. While the holidays can be a beautiful time to connect with loved ones and celebrate, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed.

As you know, a regular yoga practice is a perfect antidote to holiday stress. In fact, the holiday season may be the most important time to continue yoga and meditation practices, especially when there are endless opportunities to indulge in sweets, cocktails, and social drama. That said, when life gets busy, showing up to the mat can be difficult. When routines and practices that ground us (aka yoga & mediation) fall to the wayside, it’s so easy to feel disconnected and lost in the chaos.

To help you stay balanced and healthy during this holiday season, we are offering a simple remedy for stress and anxiety: Right Breathing. Just to be clear, there’s a not a wrong way to breathe. Right Breathing is simply breathing with awareness, tuning into the body’s senses and paying attention to our breath. When we become aware of our breath, the miracle of breathing becomes illuminated and our state of mind shifts toward the present moment releasing stress and anxiety.

Breathing with awareness can help you stay afloat this holiday season.


Breathing is a foundation for all yoga and mediation practices. While most of us are familiar with yoga asana practices, breathing is what makes the practice come alive.

The breath is the connection between the mind and the spirit.

Beyond the meditative quality of breathing practices, deep breathing helps to expand the lungs and generate energy- so you can not only cope with the holiday season but thrive!

Whether you have time to take three long deep breaths when you find yourself overwhelmed or you take the time to sit down and practice a longer pranayama, the most important thing is that you do what works for you. The simple yet profound act of returning your awareness to the breath throughout the day can help you stay connected with yourself among the joy, suffering, and chaos of the holiday season.

Need a gentle reminder? Check out the app Breathe: Calming Reminders for Mindful Breathing for programmed reminders to return to the breath during your day. Or tune into the Stop, Breathe & Think App for personalized mindfulness and meditation support.

Want to #GoDeeper?

Check out this Ted Talk: Breathe to Heal by Max Strom

*Content and featured image taken from To learn more about yoga and wellness, check out their Weekly Wisdom Blog.

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