Alive Yoga Studio


Due to the mandatory Shelter in Place Order, the studio will be closed.  We wish everyone well. Please stay tuned for the end of our shelter in place.

Alive is a place to celebrate, with a growing community of yoga practitioners, the joy of being alive.

At Alive, our goal is to provide each person who walks through the door with an opportunity to experience a greater sense of well-being. Our experienced and passionate teachers are here to safely support you on your journey. We offer a range of classes designed to meet you where you are at, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner. No matter what your previous experience is, Alive has a class that is right for you to begin your journey, or to continue on your way.

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Alive Yoga Studio in Sebastopol is a special place because of its variety of knowledgable teachers, small student class size, sliding scale pricing making it affordable to more people, as well as the large number of easily accessible props (blocks, bolsters, straps, etc.) which provide support during the learning process.

Jean -From Sebastopol

When I first walk into Alive, I feel calm and ready to practice yoga. I enjoy the pacing and clear directions that I receive at Alive Studio. The class I take allows me the space and time to fully experience the yoga postures. Seeing my progression and comfort from class to class is deeply rewarding. And the assists are helpful for my alignment.

Sheila -From Sebastopol